About Us

Welcome to BosArt Bostons!

My name is Debra Estell. My husband Matt and I have been in dogs all our lives and could not imagine life without animals. Our Bostons are raised in our home and even sleep with us. We are not a kennel and our puppies are well socialized with hands on experience in our home. They have been raised around children, adult dogs, friends and distractions to produce well rounded personalities and are always bred with temperament, as well as conformation in mind.  We like confident and self assured temperaments that are guided and trained to achieve well mannered and obedient members of the family without becoming dull or timid.

I run a full service grooming salon at our local Vet Clinic and have been grooming dogs for 36 years. My Husband has a home based business that allows him to attend to, and spoil ours dogs all the time.  This he does very well.  We also operate Teamwork Obedience Academy where we instruct Obedience Classes for pet owners as well as Show Handling, Problem solving and advanced classes.

I started breeding, showing and grooming Bichons and Wheaten Terriers back in the Early 1970`s and received my Professional Handlers License in 1976.  I also did protection work with my Dobermans and taught obedience classes for our Local 4H Club. My husband and I got involved with Neapoliton Mastiffs in the 1980`s and bred and owned several Champions including a National Speciality Winner. We both became Sanctioned Rare Breed Judges and were very active in the NMCA. As the NMCA Mid-West Represenatives, we spoke out about  the unethical practices of Puppy Mills, which were very numerous in the Mid-West.

We have experienced many aspects of the dog fancy and are dedicated to producing quality purebred dogs for the show ring and beautiful companions for the family.

Hobet's BosArt Jitterbug (Bugsy) at 13 months. 
Hobet's BosArt Jitterbug (Bugsy)  BosArt Betty Boop (B-Bop)  Willow Acres BosArt Hijinx (Pigeon) 
Brooklyn's (Grand Daughter) & B-Bop's first time in the ring.  How's that for cute!
NMCA BISS Champion Arturo Il Maestro de Baritone  (1990 NATIONAL SPECIALTY WINNER)

NMCA Champion Del Querceto Cornilia 

ROCCO (The Babysitter)